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Quality since 1993

The Eurosup company was founded in 1990 by Marco Castoldi and Giuseppe Campus, sports enthusiasts and with a particular interest in food supplementation. Passion becomes work and the passion has remained over the years and has guided the company in the creation of products that could satisfy the most demanding consumers, starting with the founders themselves. In 1993 the first Eurosup sports food supplements were created, immediately characterized by the highest quality and innovative formulations. Since then, the range of food supplements and functional foods offered by Eurosup has expanded exponentially, extending the proposal to broad sectors of nutrition, from sports to health to wellness. Over the years, our brands with which the products are offered have become four, Eurosup, FutureTec, Prolabs and Benefood.

The key points in the design and manufacture of our products have always been:

  • Maximum quality of the raw materials used, purchased from selected and guaranteed producers, often certified by a specific brand recognized for the quality and effectiveness of the raw materials proposed, also characterized by specific studies.
  • Advanced production technologies and product quality control
  • High quality packaging: our cans have a closure obtained by applying a heat-sealed seal under the cap to ensure that the contents of the can do not come into contact with the air and thus preserve the product from oxidation and absorption humidity.
  • Effective formulations in accordance with the most up-to-date knowledge available.

Our products are available at selected retailers in the area and at internet shops.